Muhammed Ali Biography 2021: Career, Net Worth, Relationship

Muhammed Ali Biography 2021: Career, Net Worth, Relationship


Muhammed Ali (born 17 January 1942) is a popular boxing legend who has contributed to helping the name of boxing grow all over the world. He was born with the name Cassius Marcellus Clay Jr. Ali became the boxing legend and kept the record of 56 consecutive wins on boxing matches. He holds the boxing title for the longest period. Mohammed Ali was nicknamed Greatest as many boxing veterans, boxers and fans regard him as the greatest boxer ever to grace the earth. Not only in boxing, but Ali was also very talented in other parts of his career. He was a philanthropist and was also a very talented poet as well. Many Boxing veterans explained his boxing style as “Floats like a Butterfly, Stings Like a Bee” which was a compliment to his rapid movement and devastating striking power. Due to his incredible contribution to boxing, he has been regarded as the Greatest Sportsman of the 20th century. Ali died of Parkinson’s Syndrome on 3rd June 2016) after battling with the disease for some time.


Muhammed Ali was born in Louiseville Kentucky. He was born with the name Cassius Marcellus Clay Jr. His father’s name was Cassius Marcellus Clay Sr and his mother’s name was Odessa Grady Clay. Regarding siblings, he has four brothers and one sister. However, the only name of his sibling which is popular is Rahman Ali. Ali was born in a poor family as his father used to paint the billboard whereas his mother used to be a house worker. Regarding education, Cassius Jr joined Central High School however it was difficult for him to read and write since he was dyslexic. Growing up Ali was the victim of racism everywhere he went, He was once denied water due to the color of his skin. Ali was also deeply affected by the racial murder of Emmett Till.


Mohammed Ali first decided to take on boxing when his bicycle was stolen by thieves. Local policeman and boxing coach decided to teach him boxing. Clay was hesitant at first but when he saw boxers on the TV he was hooked up. After deciding to pursue his career in boxing he went to another coach Fred Stone to learn boxing. After going amateur in boxing he was trained by popular Boxing veteran cutman Chuck Bodman.

Ali made his professional boxing debut on 1960, October 29. He won against Tunney Hunsaker in a six-round decision. He started his professional career in blitz winning 19 games without a loss and 15 of them with a knockout. In 1963, Casey fought Jones for the no 1 contender for the title belt. The battle with Jones was one of the toughest that Ali ever fought. Despite knocking down Ali in the first round Jones lost due to a unanimous decision which was booed all around the building. The fight was named Fight of the year by the prestigious boxing magazine The Ring. After defeating Jones Ali became the contender for the title and the fight was set up for February 1964. He was about to fight then defending champion Sonny Liston who was a criminal and had ties to the mob as well.

Ali taunted Liston calling him a bear and even threatening him to kill in the ring. Many people believed he was scared and he won’t even show up in the match. However not only did Ali show up for the fight, but Ali also pulled out a major upset beating Liston in the seventh round by the TKO. Clay became the youngest champion at just 22 years of age and bragged about being Greatest Boxer ever and the prettiest thing in the world. After winning the title and becoming a champion, he converted to Islam and changed his name to Cassius Clay to Muhammed Ali. Ali again won the rematch with Liston when he knocked him out in 2 rounds however referee despite counting the knockdown for 20 seconds he was informed Liston was already counted out.

Ali was challenged by Floyd Patterson and there was really two and fro between them. However, during the fight, it was evident that Patterson was injured midway during the fight but Ali never knocked him out and won the match unanimously in the twelfth round of the fight. The rematch also Ali won against Patterson but many believed the ruse between the two was just an act as they were really close and the second fight was just to raise money.

Maritial Status

Muhammed Ali was married four times and also had nine children. He also adopted two children beyond his marriage. His first wife’s name was Sanji Roy and his second wife’s name was Belinda Boyd. Ali had affair with Veronica Porche whom he married after divorcing Belinda. His daughter Laila Ali who was also the boxing champion was born including one another daughter when he was married to Veronica.

Net Worth

Muhammed Ali is a popular legendary boxer who had a phenomenal 51 winning streak. He is considered the Greatest Boxer ever. He became the youngest boxer to win a championship when he was just 22 years old. During the time he earned lots of income and assets from his primary career as a boxer. Later he got lots of sponsorship and brand endorsements after his boxing career, singing career, and even a successful acting career as well. Currently, he has a net worth of approximately $50 million as of 2021.

Interesting Facts

  • Muhammed Ali was racially abused and not given water due to the color of his skin.
  • He wanted to become a boxer after his bicycle was stole.
  • Ali married 4 times and have nine children.
  • Women boxing champion Laila Ali is the daughter of Muhammed Ali.