Kevin Durant Age, Height Career, Relationship, and Wiki

Kevin Durant Age, Height Career, Relationship, and Wiki


Kevin Durant ( born September 29, 1988) is a popular Basketball player from America. He is popular for being one of the best players in the NBA when he was playing for Brooklyn Nets. When he was just a teenager. Kevin used to go around the country for basketball competitions alongside his dad. He was quite dynamic and active in playing b-ball in the schools he used to study. After he was admitted to ‘University of Texas,’ his splendid skills and talent in the game provided him with the ‘Oscar Robertson award and the ‘Adolph F Rupp award, making him the principal talent to receive the two awards just as a rookie. As a result of his amazing ability and talent, he got qualified for the ‘NBA’ draft after just a freshman year in his college career.

Kevin’s rookie talent would only get better and later on in his career, he would go on to win two Olympic Gold Medal and Two NBA MVP of the year as well.


Kevin Durant was born in Washington D.C, USA. His father’s name was Wayne Pratt whereas his mother’s name was Wanda Pratt. Growing up things were difficult for Kevin as his father left him and his family. With the help of his grandmother and his mother, Kevin grew up to be a very decent boy. His life turned around when his father returned when he was just 13 years old. He started to travel to different part of the country to participate in basketball tournaments with his father.

Growing up, Kevin was a big fan of the Toronto Raptors and also idolized his biggest role model Vince Carter. Regarding his siblings, he has two brothers named Rayvonne and Tony while also has a sister named Brianna. Kevin grew up to be a tall kid with a distinct fascination for basketball more than others sports. In spite of the fact that he was frequently teased for his tall height, his grandma Barbara Davis energized and motivated him, saying that his stature was really a gift and would help him in his athletic career ahead mainly Basketball.

Regarding education, he joined Oak Hill academy and later joined University of Texas for his graduation as well.


Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant’s basketball career started in the Amateur Athletic Union tournament when he played for the various teams all around Baltimore City. He was excited by the opportunity and made quite a few popular friends in Greivis Vasquez, Ty Lawson, Michael Beasley. During his University days, he was unplayable and even won two massive awards of Adolf F Rupp award and the Oscar Robertson Award. Kevin became the first college rookie to win the award. His talent did not go unnoticed and Kevin was selected for a draft of players in the NBA after just one season of college basketball.

At the 2007 ‘NBA’ draft Kevin Durant was chosen by the ‘Seattle SuperSonics’ and started his career as an NBA player. He impressed everyone in his first game by recording 18 points, five rebounds, and three steals in the first game against the ‘Denver Nuggets.’ In a match against the ‘Atlanta Hawks, he made the primary match-winning shot of his career. He made the shot on 16 November which was talked about all around the world of basketball. Kevin’s talent and skills acquired him the title ‘NBA Rookie of the Year.’In the following season, his team migrated from Seattle to Oklahoma which converted the team name into the ‘Oklahoma City Thunders.’ By the year’s end, Durant had raised his average points scored by five compared to the past season. Kevin Durant was considered for the ‘Most Improved Player Award,’ however, he came third in the award ceremony.

Kevin Durant’s best moment came in the 2012 Olympics when he where he led his national team USA to the Olympic gold medal glory and also became the player with the top-scoring haul. Similarly in the 2018 Olympics as well he became the MVP for the US national team where they won the gold medal in basketball.

In the 2009-10 season, Kevin Durant help Thunders to qualify for their first-ever playoffs because of his incredible offense and defensive performances. Two seasons later Thunder went up to the finals with Kevin Durant’s highest point of per game record yet lost to Miami Heats in the finals. However, his most productive and successful season came in the 2013-14 season when he provided the performance of an average of 30 points per season, but the next season was plagued with injuries as he experienced a broken right foot. He returned in 2015-16 however never left his notch as Thunders crushed Golden State Warriors and won the Competition with a 3-1 lead in best of 5 tournaments.


Kevin Durant is currently rumored to be in a relationship with real stage agent Cassandra. But before that, he was dating many women. Some of his girlfriend’s names are Monica Wright, Chantel Jeffries, Jasmine Shine, Ashley Camp, and so on. As of now, Kevin Durant does not have any children and is living life happily with his girlfriend.

Net Worth

Kevin Durant is one of the biggest household names in the Basketball industry. He has won many luxurious awards and gold medals in his illustrious playing career as well as been the MVP of the NBA season where he leads his team Thunders to tournament victory. Currently, as of 2021, Kevin Durant’s net worth is approximately just over $160 million.

Unknown Facts

  • Kevin Durant is very religious and has various symbols of religious tattoos on his body.
  • He was selected for the NBA draft after just one season in college Basketball.
  • Kevin Durant has led the USA for gold medals in Olympics two times being the MVP of the tournament.
  • Durant’s net worth is approximately over $160 million as of 2021.