Novak Djokovic Biog 2021: Career, Relationship

Novak Djokovic Biog 2021: Career, Relationship


Novak Djokovic (born May 22, 1987, is a legendary tennis player with over 20 Grand Slam in his career. He started playing when he was just 4 years old and was already professional when he was 16 years old. Djokovic is currently a number 1 Tennis player in the world ranked by ATP also known as the Association of Tennis Professionals. Djokovic has got into records of been in a number 1 for over 350 weeks. He has also won the record Australian Open 9 times and also has won over 80 ATP titles. Another record on his name came in 2011 when he has won three grand slams out of 4 in the same year. He is also equally popular on social media with over 20 million social media followers worldwide.


Novak Djokovic was born in Belgrade, Serbia. His father’s name was Srdjan and his mother’s name was Dijana. They owned a tennis academy and three restaurants so when Novak was growing up his life was tennis as he started learning tennis at just 4 years old. Djokovic’s father was also a sportsperson and along with his brother they were all professional skiers. He then went to tennis camp in Novi Sad. When he was just 6 years old he was spotted at Sports Complex by Jelena Gencic. His childhood was very tough as Serbia was undergoing the war and several hours of bombing would take place which made Djokovic and his parents spend time in the basement of their home. The war made Djokovic even more determined to be successful as a professional tennis player.

Regarding his education, Novak Djokovic received his education at Pilic Academy and later went to Germany to attend further studies. Regarding his siblings, Novak also has two younger siblings named Marko and Djordje. Both of them are professional tennis players but have not won any Grand Slam to date.


Novak Djokovic’s pro tennis career started when he was just 14 years old in 2001. At the time he has become the youngest European Champions in Singles, doubles and also won the team competition. He was also runner-up in Worlds Junior Championship and got a silver medal in the tournament. He won the first ATF tournament when he was 16 years old and at the time he became the youngest top 40 best junior tennis player in the world. He won his first ATP Challenger in 2006 and also got qualified on Wimbledon. His rank was improved to top 100 after impressing on the tournament and reaching the third round in Wimbledon.

Next year Djokovic even improved on other Grand Slams as he reached the semi-finals of Wimbledon and the French Open. The same year he defeated the top three tennis players in Andy Roddick, Nadal, and Federer at the time to win his second Masters Title. In 2011, Novak Djokovic made a record of winning 43 matches in a row to keep a new record and also made a new record of winning three Grand Slams of Wimbledon, US Open, and Australia Open in the same year. After that feat, he became the number 1 Tennis player in the world. A year later in 2012 however Djokovic again won Australian Open and again did it in 2013 three years in a row. In 2014 Djokovic won another Grand Slam in Wimbledon.

Again in 2015, he did the double by winning the Australian Open and also by winning Wimbledon. The US Open was delayed to 2016 where he defeated Roger Federer with another hard-fought victory in the rain fielded final. In 2021, Novak Djokovic defeated Daniil Medvedev of Russia to claim his record 20th grand slam of his career. Currently, Novak Djokovic is still No 1 according to ATP and is regarded as one of the if not the best Tennis players the sports has ever seen.


Novak Djokovic is currently married to a social worker Jelena Ristic. The couple were in a relationship since their high school days in 2005. Djokovic and Ristic got engaged in 2013 and a year later in 2014, they tied the knot. Their first son was born in 2014 and three years later their daughter was born in 2017. Jelena Ristic is currently the head of the Novak Djokovic Foundation to help the children get their education in Serbia. Djokovic’s name was linked with several models, actresses, and other tennis players but he was always in love with his high school sweetheart.

Net Worth

Novak Djokovic is one of the greatest Tennis players in the world. He is only the 2nd tennis player to reach 20th Grand Slam in his career. From his career and business, he has gathered approximately $150 million of net worth and adding his brands and endorsements, Novak Djokovic has a net worth of a whopping $220 million as of 2021.


  • Novak Djokovic has two younger brothers who are both Tennis Player.
  • He is currently married to Jelena Ristic and has two children.
  • Djokovic has a net worth of approximately $220 million as of 2021.